Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Storm Is Coming!

a picture book by Heather Tekavec, illustrated by Margaret Spengler
"Storm is Coming! We better get the animals safely to the barn!"
When Dog hears the old farmer bellowing, he quickly rounds up the farm animals. The sheep race for the barn behind him. On the way, they bleat a warning to Duck. In turn, Duck quacks a warning to the cows.

In a panic, the animals huddle together in the barn, and wait anxiously for the arrival of the ominous and mysterious Storm.

Who could this frightening creature be?

Duck acts as a lookout. "No Storm! No storm!" he reports.

Soon, the wind picks up, thunder rolls, and the zig zag flash of lightning bolts fill the sky. The animals cheer in relief, for nature is working in their favor. The clouds are growling to scare Storm away, and the sky is flashing to blind him. But when all is calm again - the animals wait... and listen. The barn door opens. Could this be the dreaded Storm?

Storm is Coming! is an entertaining story that will make readers of all ages hold their breath and giggle. The silliness of the animals shows that thunderstorms don't have to be scary. In fact, they can be fun!

Heather Tekavec's ultimately reassuring tale glows from the soft, yet dynamic, illustrations by Margaret Spengler.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Here in the Bonny Glen: First Carnival of Children's Literature

I participated in my first blog carnival this week.

Thank you, Here in the Bonny Glen, for letting me set up a tent in your Carnival of Children's Literature!