Monday, October 24, 2005

June 29, 1999

a picture book by David Wiesner

When her science project produces some inexplicable results, Holly Evans has some reservations. Is it possible that the seedlings she sent aloft to the ionsphere transformed into the massive mutant vegetables falling from the sky?

"Cucumbers circle Kalamazoo. Lima beans loom over Levittown. Artichokes advance on Anchorage... Argula covers Ashtabula."

As the list of produce grows longer, Holly realizes that not all of these veggies were part of her experiment. If these giant specimens aren't from her research... then whose are they? And what became of hers?

David Wiesner's June 29, 1999 is a visually entertaining story that will spark the imaginations of all who read it. The whimsical and inventive illustrations (e.g., the gourds selling as homes in North Carolina, the Mt. Rushmore-like potato carvings of Presidents Reagan, Bush, Nixon, and Carter, and the people of the Big Apple renaming themselves the "Big Rutabega") are sure to make readers laugh.

June 29, 1999 is a timeless treasure that should be enjoyed by generations of families to come.

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