Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Birthday Moon

a picture book by Lois Duncan, illustrated by Susan Davis

What could be a better gift than the moon?

A full moon can be a balloon, or a coin to purchase comet tails, or the sun. It can even be a ball, to "hurl at the stars or... bounce off a wall."

If one's birthday lands on a half moon, it can be used for a hammock, a bowl, or a bow, "so the arrows you shoot will all shimmer and glow."

The Birthday Moon, by Lois Duncan, and illustrated by Susan Davis, uses bright, rhyming text, and beautiful, glistening pictures to show wonders the imagination holds.

When I was little, my mum would read The Birthday Moon to me every year on my birthday. It is one of my fondest and most cherished childhood memories. I'm sure that this story will have that same effect on anyone who reads it. Whether your birthday is tomorrow, or months away, this gorgeous picture book glows with every read.

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