Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Under the Moon

a picture book by Dyan Sheldon, illustrated by Gary Blythe

While digging in her backyard, Jenny finds an arrowhead poking through the soil. She spends the rest of the day trying to imagine life before cars and cities. But no matter how hard she tries, she isn't able to picture the world when "the land was as large and open as the sky."

Then Jenny falls asleep, while camping in her tent, and wakes up in the very place she had tried so hard to imagine. There, she meets the Native Americans that made/own the arrowhead. They tell her about the world when it was "just the people, the animals, and the land itself," and she comes to know that the beautiful place she discovered was once very real.

Under The Moon, written by Dyan Sheldon, with beautiful and breathtaking paintings by Gary Blythe, is a story that will open the eyes of readers of all ages to the wonder and marvel of what America once was.

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