Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Mrs. Merriwether's Musical Cat

a picture book by Carol Purdy, illustrated by Petra Mathers.

Mrs. Merriwether was very ordinary. "Every day of the week was exactly like the other." Well... except Tuesdays. Tuesdays were dreaded by the neighborhood, especially Mr. Crump, because on Tuesdays, Mrs. Merriwether gave piano lessons to the children of Peach Tree Lane.

First came Morton, who "mangled Mozart" and "butchered Bach and Brahms." Then Florence Danube, whose "one-two-threes kept coming out as three-two-ones." Rhonda was next; she had energy, fire... but, sadly, no talent. Always last to arrive was Mr. Crump, who went only to complain about the noise.

One day, a cat appeared, and Mrs. Merriwether named him Beethoven. With a swish of his tail, the music was instantly glorious, and "Peach Tree Lane was never ordinary again."

Mrs. Merriwether's Musical Cat, by Carol Purdy, and illustrated by Petra Mathers, is an endearing story about believing in yourself. When I first read this book, I was taking piano lessons, and I could relate to the students (pre-Beethoven, that is) :-p

This is a fun book, with illustrations to set the mood that will bring a smile to your face.

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