Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Bat Boy & His Violin

a picture book by Gavin Curtis, illustrated by E. B. Lewis
"I sashay my bow across the violin strings the way a mosquito skims a summer pond."

Reginald loves his violin. His beautiful music can "make the hairs on the back of my neck do a jig."

But Papa could care less about Reginald's "fiddling." Being the manager of the Dukes, a basketball team in the Negro National League, Pap is more concerned about the team's losing streak.

When Papa makes Reginald the Dukes' bat boy, Reginald is worried that he won't have time to practice and prepare for his violin recital.

Between batters and innings, Reginald uses every free moment to play, and his beautiful music fills the dugout. Coincidentally, the Dukes' losing streak turns around and they start winning their games. But, with a very important game against the Monarchs coming up, there's still Papa's heart that needs winning over.

The Bat Boy & His Violin is a moving story of family ties and team spirit. E. B. Lewis's paintings bring the warmth of the story to life. This book will inspire all who read it. I know it inspired me!

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