Sunday, January 23, 2005

Have You Seen Chester?

a picture book by Andrew Murray, illustrated by Nicola Slater
"Buddy the dog and Chester the cat were always fighting."
No matter how much Lucy, their little girl, begs and pleads, the two animals clash.

One night, Chester decides, "I've had enough," and runs away.

Buddy watches as Lucy searches everywhere for the missing cat. He slowly comes to realize that he misses Chester, too. Buddy finds some of Chester's friends and, with their help, sets off to bring his feline friend home.

Have You Seen Chester? shows kids that, sometimes, you don't realize what's important to you until it's gone.

Louisa brought this book home from her school library. She liked the illustrations. She thought all of the animals were "cute." Her favorite part was when Buddy found the alley cats, and they became friends. She liked this book so much, she had me read it to her again right away.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

No Such Thing

a picture book by Jackie French Koller, illustrated by Betsy Lewin

Howard has always been told that there's no such thing as monsters. But when he moves to a new house, he has his doubts.
"I think there's a monster under my bed," Howard told his mommy when she came in to kiss him goodnight.
Monster is afraid of little boys, and tells his mother:
"I think there's a boy on top of my bed."
But his mommy tells him there's no such thing as boys:
"You've been reading too many comic books, Monster," she said. "I told you, boys are only pretend."
But no amount of convincing can stop Howard or Monster from being afraid of the dark. Until one night....

No Such Thing is the perfect spooky bedtime book. Louisa and I always laugh when we read it. We love it!