Monday, December 27, 2004

I Am Too Absolutely Small for School

a picture book by Lauren Child

Lola's back! Along with her infinitely patient older brother, Charlie. This time, Lola has a dilemma: SCHOOL. Luckily, she has Charlie to convince her that school is fun.

This picture book is so cute! My favorite part is when Lola is trying to explain to Charlie why she won't need to count up to one hundred.
"I don't need to learn up to one hundred. I already know up to ten, and that is plenty.

I have ten fingers. And also I have ten toes. And I never eat more than ten cookies at one time. Ten is enough."
Louisa loves this book, too. Her favorite part is when Lola comes up with an outfit for school.
"'Well, Lola,' I say, 'that's certainly stylish, but you cannot go to school dressed as a crocodile.'"
I am Too Absolutely Small for School is a charming picture book that addresses universal first-day-of-school anxieties, and shows that school is indeed worthwhile :)

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