Monday, December 27, 2004

I Am Too Absolutely Small for School

a picture book by Lauren Child

Lola's back! Along with her infinitely patient older brother, Charlie. This time, Lola has a dilemma: SCHOOL. Luckily, she has Charlie to convince her that school is fun.

This picture book is so cute! My favorite part is when Lola is trying to explain to Charlie why she won't need to count up to one hundred.
"I don't need to learn up to one hundred. I already know up to ten, and that is plenty.

I have ten fingers. And also I have ten toes. And I never eat more than ten cookies at one time. Ten is enough."
Louisa loves this book, too. Her favorite part is when Lola comes up with an outfit for school.
"'Well, Lola,' I say, 'that's certainly stylish, but you cannot go to school dressed as a crocodile.'"
I am Too Absolutely Small for School is a charming picture book that addresses universal first-day-of-school anxieties, and shows that school is indeed worthwhile :)

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Humphrey's Corner

a picture book by Sally Hunter

Humphrey and Mop, Humphrey's favorite toy, are looking for the perfect place to play. They try many places, but nothing seems right. When Mommy comes to help, Humphrey and Mop find a secret, warm, and cozy place that is perfect.

Humphrey's Corner is a gorgeous picture book. The soft, dreamy illustrations portray plenty of delightful details.

I remember being a toddler and looking for a cozy, interesting place to play. This story will remind readers of being that wide-eyed age, or of someone they know who is that age right now.

Humphrey's Corner taps into the imaginative toddler in all of us.

Monday, December 06, 2004

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

a picture book by Laura Joffe Numeroff, illustrated by Felicia Bond
"If you give a mouse a cookie, he's going to ask for a glass of milk."
And so, the dominoes begin to fall.

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie is one of my favorite picture books. Felicia Bond's illustrations are adorable! And Laura Joffe Numeroff's text is giggle-out-loud funny. I love how the little energetic mouse always keeps the boy on his toes.

I love this story so much, I used it for a calligraphy project. For the project, students were required to choose a favorite storybook and write some lines from the book in calligraphy. I'm working on the project now. I can't wait until it's finished! I'm smiling a lot while working on it, and I hope it makes my little sister smile when it's done.

This is a story that is bound to keep young readers laughing. It is hilarious how so many things can happen in the length of a picture book - all because of one little cookie and one very funny, high-maintenance mouse.