Saturday, November 13, 2004

Katy and the Big Snow

a picture book by Virginia Lee Burton

A blizzard has buried the City of Geoppolis with snow. When the smaller snow plows break down, it's up to Katy to save the day.

The book follows Katy's heroic deeds as she helps people get to where they need to be. Because of Katy:
"The Fire Department had put out the fire."

"The doctor had saved his patient."

"The Water Department had repaired the main."

"The telephone and electricity were on."

"The mail could go through."

"And the Police could protect the city."

"Thanks to what Katy did...."
Katy accomplishes a lot more on that snowy day in Geoppolis. Seek out a copy of this action-packed picture book and read about her other heroic acts. Katy and the Big Snow teaches kids the importance of being persistent and doing your best.

Thank goodness Katy didn't give up!

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