Sunday, November 07, 2004

Just Not the Same

a picture book by Addie Lacoe, illustrated by Pau Estrada

Cleo, Mirabelle, and Gertrude are sisters who can't seem to agree on anything. They are very stubborn and refuse to share with one another.

Whether it's the biggest apple slice, sitting on the front seat of the car, or sleeping on the top bunk, there's always something to argue about. The parents end up having to make compromises that leave the girls feeling that it's "just not the same."

However, with the consideration of a new addition to the family - a puppy - the girls learn that sharing can indeed be enjoyed by all if they put aside their greedy ways.

Just Not the Same is a book that siblings can easily relate to. I have to admit, there are times when my little sister and I disagree on things. But, this book helps you realize that sharing and getting along can make life more fun.

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