Thursday, November 11, 2004

I Am NOT Sleepy and I Will NOT Go to Bed

a picture book by Lauren Child
"Lola says she never gets tired."
This makes it very hard for Charlie, Lola's older brother, when he has to "get her off to bed." Lola is "not slightly sleepy at 6." She's "still wide awake at 9." She's "not at all tired at 10." Lola predicts that she "will probably still be perky at even 13 o'clock in the morning."

Every time Charlie suggests getting ready for bed, Lola comes up with an inventive reason not to:
"But Charlie, I can't have a bath because of the whales... The whales swimming in the bathtub. They're taking up all the room."

"But Charlie, I can't brush my teeth... I saw a lion with my toothbrush and now he's brushing his teeth with it."

"Those are not my pajamas... Oh, no. Those pajamas belong to two dancing dogs."
I Am NOT Sleepy and I will NOT Go to Bed is hilarious. My little sister, Louisa, loves this book because, "Lola's just like me!" And I can certainly relate to Charlie, who is very patient and kind towards his little sister.

Louisa is a huge fan of Lauren Child's books. She especially loves the Clarice Bean books, and frequently chooses them when her first grade class visits the school library. I enjoy reading Lauren Child's picture books with her, and watching her reactions to the fun and nutty adventures the characters have. The illustrations (which often combine photographs with drawn art) are as entertaining and witty as the texts!

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