Monday, October 25, 2004

The Bremen-town Musicians

a picture book by Ruth Belov Gross (retold from Grimm), illustrated by Jack Kent

This is a story about a donkey running away from home. He hears that he is considered too old to work, so he decides to leave and go to Bremen-town to be a musician.

Along the way, he meets a dog, a cat, and a rooster. They become friends and decide to all go become musicians together. On their way, they come across a house. The new friends see that there is food - and lots of it. But, enjoying the food is a tableful of robbers.

The animals agree that they want the food. "But, how can we get rid of the robbers?" They all think "hard" about their dilemma - and together come up with an ingenious way to scare away the robbers for good.

But, did they get to Bremen-town and become musicians? Read this fun book to find out!

The Bremen-town Musicians is an entertaining read-aloud. You can also click here to read the Grimm Brothers' fable.

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